I had been in a marriage for 20 years where I was mentally and emotionally abused and I had suffered tremendously. I was later diagnosed with PTSD. I started sessions with Denise in February 2017. During our sessions Denise focused on the second and fourth energy centers (chakras). When she got to my heart I would convulse while my body released the emotions that were trapped there. I saw Denise for a little over a year. She also removed some blocks from childhood that I held in my body. Gradually my self esteem improved. Later I was lucky enough to hear from an old girlfriend who wanted to get back together with me. Talk about divine timing – she called at the perfect time! I later moved to be near my family and that’s also where my old girlfriend lived. I’m happy to report that we are engaged only five years after I got divorced!! I never really wanted to get married until now. Denise was one of the first people I worked with and she helped open my heart to new healthy possibilities in healthy relationships. I’ve come a long way and I’m very happy now!

I had been struggling with my relationship with my dad for years, and started working with Denise Dorfman.  After a few sessions with her, I was able to communicate more clearly and effectively with my dad.  We now have a more peaceful and harmonious relationship.  I also have more clarity around what my life purpose. Denise’s sessions remind me to work with my intuition, which acts as my guidance in life!

I have been receiving energy work from Denise for over a year.  I have had multiple injuries and lower back pain during this time due to the physical demands of my job.  As a result I’ve had a lot of pain.  Denise does an amazing job of taking away the pain in only a one hour session.  I’m always thankful and feel great after a session!  She is well worth the money and time!  Denise is also a very caring person who really wants to help others heal.  When I had an urgent request for Denise to send distant healing she did so in a very timely manner. I appreciate her quick response time when I needed healing the most!

I met Denise at a women’s networking conference. I was networking for insurance sales and she was talking about energy healing. For years, I have been the type to do energy healing on the side just because I love it so much. She has this unassuming personality that didn’t beat me over the head with why she is good at what she does. She invited me to one of her events and I put it off because I have been to tons of them and they had always been the same: the person talks about how great they are at energy healing; does a few party tricks, and then I’m left uncomfortable.

I finally went to Denise’s event and it was TOTALLY different. The ability of Denise to transmit pure peace is unrivaled. I brought a friend along who had never experienced energy healing in her life. My friend and I had the same pictures running through our minds; my friends was able to feel energy for the first time in her life. After that, I was able to move forward on some really difficult transitions that I had been putting off for years. With peace and EASE!
If you are considering working with Denise, it’s totally worth it! It will change your life!

After months of being in really bad shoulder pain, I am pleased to say that after 24 hours I am pain free and so grateful for the healing Denise gave me!

Denise is delightful. Her energy work is intense and rewarding.  I had goose bumps afterwards for hours.

I liked her ability to explain the modality clearly, present her educational background in the area and describe how her interest developed over the years. The connection was very relaxing and refreshing.

Denise has done Reiki and on both me and my cat. We recently downsized from a townhouse to a condo. This was very stressful for both of us. But Denise’s positive energy and healing powers have helped us immeasurably. I highly recommend her.

Denise was really amazing, gentle and attentive to my needs. The experience was very empowering! I felt as if I was levitating.

Last spring I had an abscessed tooth and needed dental surgery. Denise gave me in person Reiki for just a few minutes and when I went to the dentist the next day, he saw no sign of infection and I had no dental pain. The dentist cancelled the surgery!!

Denise was wonderful.  She is the real deal.  Would recommend her.

Recently I have been having a lot of back pain due to a twisted spine and compressed disk.  I had not been able to swim, sit or stand without immense pain for several weeks. After Denise and I had a one-hour distant energy healing session I am now sitting and walking pain-free!