Group Energy Clearing Sessions

Group Energy Clearing Session

We all face challenges in life. For some of you it is financial. For others it could be a health issue, over-eating or grief that hasn’t resolved. These issues might show up in the form of addiction(s) or relationship challenges.

The origin of your challenges often comes from blocks that develop as a result of your early childhood experiences.

You may think you can fix these challenges yourself. You watch videos and read self-help books only to find you are still living on the treadmill, repeating the same patterns over and over.

If everyone could connect to their own limiting beliefs on their own, most people would have a happy, healthy and abundant life.

Please join me in this very powerful session where I tune into the collective consciousness and remove the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from a more fulfilling life. Free yourself from hurt, pain, frustration, anger and other feelings that are keeping you stuck.

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