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Held back by limiting beliefs, relationship challenges, health issues, or financial problems? Denise Dorfman is a Certified Energy Codes Coach, Energy Codes Facilitator and Intuitive Energy Healer who will help you unleash a powerful unlimited mindset.

Denise uses energy healing techniques that will release the beliefs that are holding you back. Transformation comes from a clear mind and open heart. Work with Denise and start the journey into a life of abundance, health, joy and peace.

Meet Denise

Energy Codes Certified CoachDenise Dorfman is a Certified Energy Codes Coach, Energy Codes Facilitator and Certified Intuitive Energy Healer. Her passion for health and wellness comes from her personal journey of overcoming Lupus.

Denise was diagnosed with lupus in 1996 and empowered herself with the decision to simply change her thoughts and lifestyle. Six years later, her rheumatologist confirmed she has no active disease. Learn more about her book, Speak Your Truth.

Energy Healing Services

Private Sessions

Clearly see what is keeping you from health, joy, abundance and inner peace. Get the support that best meets your needs.

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Learn the Energy Codes in a group setting and learn to remove the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from a more fulfilling life.

Energy Codes Coaching

An effective profound coaching program using the simple and elegant principles and practices of Dr. Sue Morter.

I had been in a marriage for 20 years where I was mentally and emotionally abused and I had suffered tremendously… Denise…helped open my heart to new healthy possibilities in healthy relationships. I’ve come a long way and I’m very happy now!

I had been struggling with my relationship with my dad for years, and started working with Denise Dorfman.  After a few sessions with her, I was able to communicate more clearly and effectively with my dad.

I have been receiving energy work from Denise for over a year.  I have had multiple injuries and lower back pain during this time due to the physical demands of my job.  As a result I’ve had a lot of pain.  Denise does an amazing job of taking away the pain in only a one hour session.

She was amazing. I felt healing spirits in the room when we did Reiki. I definitely felt balanced after our session.

The ability of Denise to transmit pure peace is unrivaled. I brought a friend along who had never experienced energy healing in her life. My friend and I had the same pictures running through our minds; my friends was able to feel energy for the first time in her life. After that, I was able to move forward on some really difficult transitions that I had been putting off for years. With peace and EASE!

After months of being in really bad shoulder pain, I am pleased to say that after 24 hours I am pain free and so grateful for the healing Denise gave me!

Denise is delightful. Her energy work is intense and rewarding.  I had goose bumps afterwards for hours.

I liked her ability to explain the modality clearly, present her educational background in the area and describe how her interest developed over the years. The connection was very relaxing and refreshing.

Denise was really amazing, gentle and attentive to my needs. The experience was very empowering! I felt as if I was levitating.

Denise is a genuine healer…I had some digestive pain that went away after just one session with her.  She is very warm and personable.  I plan to see her again!

Denise was wonderful.  She is the real deal.  Would recommend her.

Recently I have been having a lot of back pain due to a twisted spine and compressed disk…After Denise and I had a one-hour distant energy healing session I am now sitting and walking pain-free!